Sakri Taluka Education Society's (Dhule)

Yashwant Kala Mahavidyalaya


Foundation Course (1 year)

A Foundation Diploma is the preferred route of entry for most degree courses in art and design. The course offers a range of experience and an intensity and diversity of training that no secondary school can offer. This course is an invaluable opportunity to study a wide range of art and design disciplines, so you can make an informed decision about the direction you want to take in higher education.

  • Nature Drawing
  • Object Drawing(Man Made)
  • 3-D Disigning
  • 2-D Disigning
  • Color Theory and Practical
  • Print Making
  • Calligraphy
  • Perspective
  • Memory Drawing
  • History of Art
Art Teacher Diploma (2 year)

For Art Teacher Diploma student must have passed HSC with English subject. He must have passed the Government Course Intermediate Drawing Grade.


  • Nature and Man Made
  • 2-D Disigning
  • Memory Drawing
  • Cley Work
  • Paper and Card Board
  • Perspective
  • History of Indian Art
  • Psychology
  • Art Appreciation
Drawing and Painting (4 year)

For Drawing and painting student must have completed Foundation course for first year.


  • Still Life
  • 2-D Designing
  • Drawing From Life
  • Painting From Life
  • Perspective
  • Print Making
  • History of Art

To facilitate the student to gain all types of technical knowledge essential for sculptor’s profession. To provide the student a sound background of the traditional and representation form in sculpture and enable him to develop his own vision. To encourage the student to gain an ability all the technical aspects of sculpture and modeling as means to realize his creative ideas to shape into concrete and significant art form.


  • Elementary – First Year
  • Intermediate – Second Year
  • Advanced – Third Year
  • DIPLOMA (Internal Examination)


For Interior Design the focus is laid on the study of both architectural and design content with an inbuilt environment, along with developing human interface within a given space. This course emphasizes on space planning, creative problem solving, communication skills and knowledge of building materials, construction, and computer aided drafting and history of design to create professional and successful interior designers. A degree in interior designing is blended with keen sense of colour, design and space management that offers vast scope in terms of growth. With changing lifestyle trends and realty industry growing by leaps and bounds, interior designers are the most sought professionals all around the world.


  • Interior Design
  • Diploma